• Mr. Mel Peppers III, Engineering Technician, Schriever AFB

    This letter is intended to confirm the solid qualifications of two individuals in which I have had the pleasure of working with and highly recommend Mr. Greg Collier and Mr. Don Johnson of iiCON Construction Group, LLC as they move forward with their venture to create a new construction firm. 

    Please note I cannot speak officially on behalf of the USAF Academy or the US Government; I can only report what I participated in and observed over nearly two years as they operated as part of the construction team.  

    As a CH2MHILL Academy Services (CHAS) Construction Representative, my responsibilities included construction management duties on the Vandenberg Hall Renovation project which at that time Mr. Collier and Mr. Johnson were an intricate part of the construction team and I think that you need to know that these two are excellent managers who are attentive to the user’s needs and making sure that the project is given the needed attention.  This is demonstrated in the following statements: 

    The Vandenberg Hall Renovation was a nine phase construction project valued at $250,000,000.00 that took place over a six year period on a dormitory that is a quarter-mile long with seven levels to include the basement.  This project was responsible for phase nine classified as the “catch all and final phase”.  This was a rather complex project, which was complicated by having 2,300 residents (cadets) living in the dorm throughout the entire construction period not to mention every day activities throughout the facility.   

    One of the major challenges put upon them was how they had to keep the project moving to maintain the schedule despite the numerous disruptive special events near the work site such as Cadet Parades, award ceremonies, etc.  This sometimes required them to stop for a period and proceed later.  They also had to practically clear–out the construction site as per contract on special events such as Graduation, In-processing, Corona, and Parents weekend.  Through their safety program special attention was given to safety and security of all work areas since the cadets always chose the shortest distance to their destination, and that was straight through the construction areas regardless of signage or barriers.  At no time did I receive any pushback or complaining arguments from them or their subordinates due to their leadership and strict company policies.  The one thing that was very important to my side of the house was that they were to have an open line of communication with both the Government rep. and facility managers with me being the primary, as they had to work around numerous areas throughout Vandenberg.  The constant communication helped appease some of the working dynamics of working in a division 1 school by staying a step ahead of issues and concerns.   

    The significance of these challenges is perhaps best appreciated in that the AF Academy’s leadership from multiple organizations recognized the hard work and dedication provided by their past company to include the Academy’s Superintendent.  All of these
    factors were part of how they became one of the most highly respected contractors the Air Force Academy has had the pleasure of working with. 

    Mr. Collier and Mr. Johnson have proven themselves as terrific managers and major contributor to the success of the overall completion of this multi-million dollar project despite all the hurdles in which they had to overcome, not to mention completing this project on time.  I strongly recommend anyone that might be considering them as a potential winner to an award, give their new venture an opportunity to excel as I would recommend them as a front runner for any and all future projects and hopefully I can enjoy working with them again on a project that I am responsible for as a construction manager.  If you’re seeking a solid construction outfit to meet your construction needs, without a doubt under their supervision iiCON Construction would be my choice.