• Scheduling

    iiCON utilizes the project schedule as our roadmap to success. Even the best of preplanning efforts can be taken off track if the schedule does not reflect the true critical path and proper logic ties. We not only assign dates to project activities, but also match the resources of equipment, materials and labor with project tasks over time. Our goal is to eliminate waste and inefficiency on all of our projects. At iiCON, we believe that the schedule is a tool that should be used by our builders on site and provide real-time solutions.

    Accurately scheduling the sequence of the work allows our project teams to understand the plan for completion. We utilize Primavera’s P6 Project Management system as our scheduling tool. We integrate all activities in detail into our schedule to ensure that if an activity is either expedited or delayed, we know the effect of every scenario. This includes detailed procurement and closeout activities within each project schedule rather than tracked in a separate system. We perform a critical path analysis on every project to confirm that our team understands what could potentially delay the project.

    Our schedules are updated in the field every week in real-time to verify that we are reviewing how our plan could be impacted with decisions that are made. As we update the schedule we immediately address delays and develop a recovery plan with every update. We regularly communicate the status of the project with our clients and subcontractors allowing our team to focus on the tasks at hand while planning for the direction the project is headed. This communication promotes buy-in from all of our team members and promotes efficiency in the field.

    Cost loading schedules allows better control and cash flow forecasting throughout the life of the project. By cost loading the schedule, we have been able to better share the financial status of the project with our clients, thereby promoting buy-in on the true status of the project.