• Safety

    iiCON implements a comprehensive safety plan on every project that we do, large and small. Worker safety is our priority. A project specific safety plan is prepared for each project we construct. From the beginning of the project, we identify all areas of risk as definable areas of work and we prepare detailed activity hazard analysis on each of these items. We also utilize detailed methods of procedure (MOPs) that define how we will be connecting to existing utilities within a facility, not only for our safety, but the safety of the client, their employees and the public.

    This process keeps safe working habits on the top of everyone’s mind. Safety meetings and communications are essential on a regular basis and we will typically review these items in the weekly safety meeting and at the plan of the day meetings that we conduct on site.

    Our Supervisors have all received the OSHA 30 hour training and in some instances will have been EM 385-1-1 certified (an OSHA 40 hour training approved for work on federal installations) so that we provide competent individuals on-site at all times. We provide continuing education opportunities for our staff and subcontractors by engaging industry experts to update our team on the latest regulations, procedures and safety equipment available.