• Project Closeout

    Project Closeout efforts begin early at iiCON so that when the project is complete and ready for acceptance by our clients, everything necessary to use their new space is complete and has been approved. This includes receiving all final documentation, validating that punch lists are completed, and maintenance staff are properly trained on the newly installed systems. 

    At iiCON, we provide integrated as-built documents that are easy to use in PDF format so that our client’s maintenance staff can quickly find replacement parts. We link approved submittals, colors, and products into our documents so that a link is available for a product providing detailed information, such as wall a color paint mix. If required, our team incorporates all final mark-ups in AutoCad format so that our clients can use this information on their next project. 

    Punchlists are documented in real-time and issued to subcontractors the same day for correction. Similar to the as-built drawings, the punch items will be linked on the drawing and includes a photo of the repair item. The design teams that we have worked with appreciate our process to expedite corrections to close the project out quickly. 

  • Commissioning

    There is nothing worse than coming to the end of a project and anticipating the grand opening only to realize that critical systems do not work properly. While some companies try to bring specialties in house, they do not provide the necessary background to make sure that every system is working properly.

    At iiCON, we commission every project that we do to ensure that every system is functioning properly. This is a collaborative process that starts during the design of the project by bringing the design team together with the commissioning agent to better understand the design intent to create a shared vision of how systems are needed to perform. In some instances we will consult with peer firms to validate the design intent of all complex systems on the project. Our team confirms that the building envelope is properly assembled by engaging experts in the industry as well as manufacturer representatives to maintain all applicable warranties. Mechanical and Electrical commissioning are essential to the end user’s comfort and productivity. We focus our efforts on these systems from the preplanning phase of the project so that the final system performs as it was designed to and is energy efficient. Building commissioning is an essential quality control process that promotes energy efficiency and comfort for the end user.