• Preconstruction Services

    At iiCON Construction Group, our preconstruction services integrate our efforts with our clients and design partners by “beginning with the end in mind.” Our goal on every construction project is to better understand our client’s business; in turn, we integrate the client into ours. This fosters a true collaborative environment and establishes a more cohesive team that understands the critical project requirements and goals essential in achieving the desired outcome.

    Accurate Project Plans & Costing

    We prefer being involved in the construction process from the very beginning to provide our clients with the most accurate project plans and costing to ensure that the project remains on budget from day one.  Our Preconstruction Services consists of an overall project evaluation including:

    • Site Analysis
    • Agency Approvals
    • Conceptual Estimate vs Budget Analysis
    • Constructability Review
    • Cost Control
    • Project Scheduling
    • ROI Analysis
    • Procurement Management
    • BID Processing
    • Safety Program

    Cost Effective Construction Solutions

    Whether it is a napkin sketch, or a conceptual floor plan, the preconstruction process allows us to itemize each component of the project and then obtain current market pricing to validate the financial requirements. We assemble a detailed project schedule that shows the most efficient construction sequence. Our extensive experience within the construction industry allows us to offer cost effective solutions prior to the start of construction that will result in a higher quality product for the most economical price.

    Real Time Results

    At iiCON our core values reflect who we are.  When we say that we believe in Stewardship, this is what we mean: We believe that we are our client’s agent in making the best project decisions for their allocated funding. It is in this spirit that we bring our design partners and clients in to review estimates. You see what we see; our process is an open book. This allows the project team to change or upgrade products and allow the entire team to see the results in real time. This process promotes collaboration and more importantly trust within the team. This is most beneficial in setting initial budgets and targets for the team to abide by as we continue the design process while maintaining the program plan. Our preconstruction process is fully integrated from linking project documents, integrated quantity takeoffs, and accurate costing, to providing detailed schedules that can be accurately cost loaded. 

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