• Owner's Representative & Construction Management Services

    When you are looking for Owner’s Representative or Construction Management Services you can count on iiCON Construction Group to be your trusted partner. Bringing more than 34 years of construction management and general contractor experience to complex construction and renovation projects, we provide our clients with sound, tested advice, support, and the best in construction management and owner’s representative services.

    iiCON provides owners with the added resources needed to make their construction project a success.  For an owner whose construction team doesn’t have the required knowledge base or experience to oversee each area of the project, the construction professionals at iiCON fill in the gaps.

    As an owner’s representative we work with project owners to oversee the construction process from inception to completion. We act as their eyes and ears and help them to guide their vision to reality, allowing them to feel confident and secure that there are no hidden surprises in their construction project. As a part of your construction team, we handle the details and manage processes to keep your project on time, within budget, and completed with all safety standards met and superior quality. Our Owner’s Representative and Construction Management Services include:

    • Preplanning and establishment of the Program Plan
    • Establishment of the Project Budget
    • Detailed Estimates
    • Scheduling
    • Constructability Reviews
    • Contracting assistance with, design teams, contractors, and third party inspection firms
    • Guidance on selecting the most qualified design teams
    • LEED compliance and project commissioning
    • Project Closeout

    To learn more about iiCON’s Owner’s Representative & Construction Management  Services, call 719-623-7374 today.