• Green Building & Sustainability

    Environmentally Responsible Green Building Practices

    iiCON Construction Group is proud to practice green building and environmentally sound construction techniques whenever possible.  Greg Collier, President of iiCON, is the former Chair of the Southern Colorado Branch of USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and is LEED BD+C (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, Building Design & Construction) certified.  As such, iiCON incorporates green building and sustainability practices into each project to provide the cleanest, healthiest buildings and to ensure that your project meets the certification levels that you desire.

    The LEED Certification program rates buildings greater than 5000 square feet in six categories:

    • sustainable sites
    • water efficiency
    • energy and atmosphere
    • materials and resources
    • indoor environmental quality
    • innovation in design

    The number of points the new construction or renovation project earns determines the level of LEED Certification the project receives. LEED certification is available in four progressive levels:

    Certified: 26 - 32 points
    Silver: 33 - 38 points
    Gold: 39 - 51 points
    Platinum: 52 - 69 points

    Evaluating Sustainability & Green Building Opportunities

    The team at iiCON recognizes that green building and sustainability efforts are necessary for every project.  The team evaluates the opportunities available to provide a healthy and efficient working environment.  Planning for sustainable goals must be discussed early in the process if the goals are to be reached; however, it is not always possible to satisfy the ever changing energy requirements.  Ensuring that every product is compliant and by researching the reality of whether or not a product is locally harvested and fabricated, is an analysis that must be performed early on in the process to set the appropriate expectations for a project.

    As codes and standards change, we see new requirements for commissioning of not only the mechanical and electrical systems, but also the exterior envelope of the building. This requires the commissioning agents to be involved from the beginning of the project. 

    To learn more about Green Building, Sustainability and LEED certification for your new construction or renovation project, contact iiCON today…  (719) 623-7374