• iiCON provided new parking for the public at the Hacienda, the campus admissions and dining hall. This work also included a new south road, where we provided temporary parking to access the Administration Building, and a new parking lot that services the existing gymnasium. The new road extends through the east side of the campus up to the north gate and through the faculty neighborhood. A challenge for the FVS was that the primary electrical system was owned by the school, deteriorating. Through negotiations with the City of Fountain, our team provided new underground primary service throughout the campus and removed all of the old overhead electrical lines. The City of Fountain will be taking over this utility and will maintain the new service moving forward.

    We provided new single mode fiber throughout the east half of the campus to serve new and existing buildings. New water, sanitary, and storm utilities were installed on the south and east portions of the campus to provide better services to the deteriorating infrastructure. New site lighting was installed through the campus and new landscaping compliments the western lifestyle.