• Fountain Valley School Athletic Facility Alumni Reunion


    A project long in the making, the Fountain Valley School Athletic Facility has been a build eagerly awaited by both alumni, donors, and students alike. Managed and overseen by iiCON Construction, faculty and staff have had the privilege of watching the site grow and the structure emerge wall by wall. However, on FVS Reunion Weekend 2018, iiCON gave the campus visitors a chance to see the past, present and future of the project by temporarily halting active construction and opening the worksite for tours. The Open House was staffed by the iiCON Team and Kristen Buckland with CSNA Architects placed strategically around the site, ready to answer questions and refer to the printed renderings of the interior, giving wondering and interested minds a better idea of what the finished product will look like. The site visitors were also able to watch a time-lapse of the site’s evolution, from the ground breaking ceremony up until the day before reunion. Those who took advantage of the Open House were delighted to be given not only a look inside the present structure, but also a peek into the future as well.

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