• George R. Diestelkamp, El Paso County Infrastructure Planning Manager

    I have had the opportunity to work with Greg Collier and Don Johnson of iiCON Group on a number of El Paso County construction projects over the last several years. I would like to express my appreciation for their professionalism and the excellent service they have provided.

    As El Paso County’s Owner Representative it is my responsibility to ensure quality and control costs of all County construction projects. As mentioned above, Greg and Don have been involved in several County projects but most notably was the Terry R. Harris Judicial Complex South Tower Asbestos Abatement and Build Back project. As the long title suggests this was primarily a hazardous material abatement project. In order to get to the asbestos that was used for fireproofing of the steel structural members, the entire ceiling of this 120,000 square foot building wing was demolished. Not only was the ceiling demolished but a large portion of the interior spaces required demolition and reconstruction. All building components and furniture that were not removed and built back needed to be protected from damage. If removing the asbestos under strict regulatory containment standards was not challenge enough, a requirement of the project was to keep the Fourth Judicial District courts fully functioning and operational in the spaces adjacent to the areas under containment. This required an elaborate plan of phasing, developed and implemented by Greg and Don.

    The condensed description of the project above does not give justice to its complexity and the care that it required to keep everyone safe and unexposed to the hazardous material being dealt with. It does not mention the added management responsibilities of the abatement contractor that was required. The project was procured as “design build” so Greg and Don were responsible for the management of the Design Team also. All of this in the span of 22 months with not a single noted infraction from any of the regulatory agencies keeping a watchful eye on the project. Had it not been for the experience, knowledge and high level of dedication that Greg and Don committed to this project it would not have been completed with such a high level of success. I must also mention that the project came in under budget and a portion of the budgeted $11million was returned to the Owner as savings for this phase.

    I highly recommend engaging the IICON Group in any building construction endeavor. Their elevated level of performance in this project is typical of the service received in the other projects I have witnessed. I will continue to utilize Greg and Don whenever the opportunity arises.