• Constructability Reviews

    At iiCON Construction Group, our experience with large scale construction projects gives us the foresight, knowledge and processes to ensure your construction project runs efficiently.  Through the constructability review processes we ensure that the project can be built using industry accepted methods as designed; that the project has all information needed in the contract documents to be bid and that the project can be built to specifications in the specified time frame safely.

    Constructability Reviews Result in Better Subcontractor & Vendor Pricing

    During the Constructability Reviews our project team becomes intimately familiar with the project requirements. We not only review construction details, but also perform an analysis of the specifications to make sure that systems are compatible between trades.

    Our constructability comments and suggestions are completed within the PDF set of documents so that the design team can efficiently make necessary changes to complete the design process.  We provide comments in the plan views and in the 3D model to effectively communicate our concerns or recommended changes. Our focus is on ensuring that details are linked, dimensions are correct, systems will fit within the required spaces, and missing details and notes are added to the documents. This results in better documents and better subcontractor and vendor pricing.

    Specification Review Identifies Alternative Products

    Specification review is critical during the constructability review process. Often times, we see that the specification sections are not fully adapted to each project. We also see that complex systems are specified resulting in sole source materials and products that limit competitive pricing. As we review the specifications, we will often find products that will meet the needs of the project at a lower cost. Additionally, when we review the general requirements of the project, we comment on stipulations present that result in increased costs from vendors and subcontractors. 

    Our goal of the Constructability Review process is to ensure that all details are included and all issues are raised up front where they can be addressed before money is spent.  This analysis including the identification of alternative means, methods and materials results in cost savings and efficiency during construction.

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