• Communication

    Communication within a team is critical on every project. At iiCON, we make accessing project information easy and centralized for our project team through the use of dedicated project websites. Our team has access to the as-built contract drawings, schedule updates, requests for information, change documents, submittals, quality control plans, deficiency items, and safety planning throughout the life of the project.

    We ensure that every team member knows the status of the project through weekly and monthly meetings. We communicate regularly with our clients, design teams and our subcontractor’s to ensure that deadlines are being met on the project. Each meeting discusses the key elements to make the project successful and as a team we hold each member accountable to meet the delivery goals.

    On a monthly basis, we meet with our subcontractor Project Managers to ensure that they remain engaged in the project. We review their submittal, if present, change item pricing status to keep them on track so that they do not cause project delays. This communication has proven to be very beneficial to our projects and promotes teamwork with each organization.

    Every successful organization monitors their goals by constantly reviewing their key performance indicators (KPIs). A construction project is no different. The financial, time commitments, and the ever-changing environment on our projects today require continual monitoring of how we are doing.

    At iiCON, we graphically show our team, client, design and subcontractor team members how we are doing throughout the life of the project. Here's how: We track the submittal process, request for information status, and any deficiency items that need correction. We keep these statistics in front of the entire team to assign action items to each team member. By consistently focusing on areas for improvement, we have seen our team become more efficient through the project allowing us to expedite the schedule.

    Tracking jobsite productivity utilizing our integrated time and quantity tracking allows our team to be proactive and make changes in the field every day to improve our efficiency and communication.