• Chris Coulter, Director of Facilities, Colorado College

    This letter concerns my professional recommendation for iiCON Construction Group. I have consistently worked with Greg and his team for greater than 10 years on K-12 and higher education projects ranging in value from $2,500 to greater than $50M. Greg and his team have passionately built an incredible reputation amongst a panoply of project stakeholders including designers, owners, and maintenance personnel staff due to their ability to work well with teams, cultivate a shared vision, deliver on grand expectations in a responsible and total cost of ownership minded manner, act with precision, and execute under difficult circumstances.

    I can think of few individuals better suited to listen, understand, plan and successfully deliver on projects than Greg. Today's construction market remains volatile and firms like iiCON provide steady and unwavering leadership approach during times of such rich uncertainty and robust expectations. iiCON takes unsurpassed pride in creating teamwork through deliberate communication while remaining true to broad expectations and deliverables, and perhaps, most importantly, the importance of long-term relationships.