• General Contracting

    General Contractor Services

    Well respected in the commercial construction community, iiCON Construction Group is a full service commercial construction builder and general contractor headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado with projects in Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico.   

    Experience You Can Trust

    Working as a General Contractor, the team at iiCON brings their collective experience, knowledge, expertise, and vision to your commercial construction project.  They work with the best in the business and bring in trusted and proven sub-contractors with commercial construction experience to round out the construction team.  To foster a collaborative work environment, maintain high quality standards, and promote efficiency at the project site, management provides training and education programs to all team members

    The iiCON team typically self-performs the following scopes of work:

    • Site Supervision
    • Site Logistics
    • Survey & Layout
    • Site Safety & Quality Control
    • Daily and Final Clean
    • Interior Demolition
    • Rough Carpentry
    • Installation of Doors, Frames & Hardware
    • Installation of Building Specialties

    State-of-the-Art Project Management

    To ensure the highest efficiencies on your project, state-of-the-art software systems designed for managing medium to large scale construction projects are utilized.  Throughout each project, the construction management team is continually refining the project management processes to ensure the best outcomes.   This comprehensive system eliminates delays and rework, by storing all information in one central location in the “cloud.”  This allows all key players, regardless of location, access to real time information updates.  With the latest information in hand, the project management team is able to quickly collaborate, diagnose and resolve issues thereby reducing wasted time and increasing project margins.

    Peace of Mind

    When choosing a general contractor for your commercial construction project it is important to choose a commercial builder that has a broad range of experience and keeps up on the latest construction technologies.  iiCON has a broad range of experience in varying market sectors (Government, Education, Hotel, Medical, Retail, High Tech and Religious), they have experience and expert knowledge on sustainability and green building and their project management systems are proven time and again in the successful completion of large scale construction projects.  When you choose iiCON as your general contractor you can have peace of mind knowing that your construction project will be run efficiently with costs contained and an on-time delivery.

     To learn more about iiCON's General Contractor Services, call 719-623-7374 today.